CoOpportunity Health news release

Date: December 26, 2014

RE: Anchor Insurance Response to CoOportunity recent news about Iowa Department of Insurance take over and rehabilitation plan released in the news December 24, 2014.

Anchor Insurance Agencies action plan concerning individuals and groups who have coverage, enrolled or been enrolled in a CoOportunity health insurance plan.

  1. Like many of you we are stunned by the news of CoOportunity Health’s press release that they are in financial rehabilitation with the state of Iowa. Until Wednesday, Christmas Eve, our agency like many others had no idea that the carrier was in any sort of financial crisis.
  2. However, as you broker, Anchor Insurance agents are going to work diligently to make sure all of our clients have comparable coverage by Feb 1, 2015.
  3. You will be contacted by an Anchor Agent starting as soon as December 29th detailing how Anchor agents will help you choose another plan, arrange new cards and coverage, and setup tax credits and payments.
  4. Understandably, we get how important it is to get news and answers immediately; however it is going to take our staff time to reach all of our valuable clients so please be patient as we reach out to you.
  5. We may need your help. If, for some reason, you have NOT been contacted by Jan 10th, 2015, can you please call our offices in Omaha and Wahoo and let us know you haven’t been reached yet.   We service thousands of important clients like you. At Anchor we’d rather have a plan B in place then miss someone who then is uninsured.


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View the Iowa Commissioner of Insurance petition for rehabilitation

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