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Accidental Injuries

Accidents are something we cannot control and can be very costly.  We recognize that the possibility of being injured while playing sports and leading an active life increases greatly.  That is why we are recommending all students to protect their finances with accident insurance.

The Humana Accident Insurance plan will pay the actual medical cost, up to the benefit amount chosen, for an accident.  This includes an injury from participating in a sporting event.  It is important to select the level that will cover the out of pocket cost associated with your medical insurance.  Example:  If your major medical out of pocket is $6000 then choose the 7500 benefit plan.  This plan will cover all of your out of pocket costs associated with an accident.  Be sure to contact the Anchor Insurance office immediately in the event of an accident.   

Rates for an individual

1000 benefit= $10.23

2500 benefit= $15.80

5000 benefit= $17.66

7500 benefit= $18.59

10000 benefit= $19.52

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