Group Health Insurance

In today’s environment, offering the right health insurance benefits can be a challenge. You want to provide the best possible plan for your employees yet it must to be cost efficient for your business.

Anchor Insurance is committed to health insurance for both our commercial customers, who need group coverage for their employees, as well as the individual or family that needs coverage.

With the changing face of health insurance in today’s market, we are staying abreast of the latest developments that will affect the coverage you expect as well as the cost impact upon you.

We have the wide array of health insurance options available in our area, and we will always present to our customers the best options at the best price available.


  • Historically, Companies, institutions, and government agencies have looked at a self funded and insured model because it’s become too expensive to use a full funded option. Over the last 30 years thousands of companies have made the switch.
  • What they found out was they were able to save money and additional had much more flexibility then in the old fully funded model.
  • At Anchor Insurance, we believe that a self-funded and insured model will over time produce a better priced, more flexible policy for the company and employee’s. Although, it may not be the right choice for all, We believe it’s the right choice for most. Let our agents, introduce how a self insured plan could benefit your company.