Accident Insurance

Fill in the healthcare insurance gaps with accidental injury Insurance – Accident Expense Plus Accident Expense Plus® is ideal for individuals and families who would like to experience fewer out-of-pocket medical expenses in the case of a covered accident or critical illness.

Who should consider an Accident Expense Policy?

  • Anyone who has a major medical plan with a significant deductible or large co-payments
  • Anyone with limited access to health care providers
  • Anyone seeking to reduce their out-of-pocket health care expense

Benefits of accidental injury insurance:

  • No network restrictions – access any hospital, physician or medical facility
  • Pays money directly to you – not medical providers
  • No waiting period to use benefits – submit claims immediately
  • No overall annual or lifetime limit – no matter how many accidents you have
  • No coordination with major medical – pays benefits related to accidents regardless of other health coverage