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Group Health Insurance

In today’s environment, offering the right health insurance benefits
can be a challenge. You want to provide the best possible plan for your employees yet it must to be cost efficient for your business.

Anchor Insurance is committed to health insurance for both our
commercial customers, who need group coverage for their employees, as well as the individual or family that needs coverage.

With the changing face of health insurance in today’s market, we are
staying abreast of the latest developments that will affect the coverage you expect as well as the cost impact upon you.

We have the wide array of health insurance options available in our
area, and we will always present to our customers the best options at the best price available.

  • Historically, Companies, institutions, and government agencies have looked at a self funded and insured model because it’s become too expensive to use a full funded option. Over the last 30 years thousands of companies have made the switch.
  • What they found out was they were able to save money and additional had much more flexibility then in the old fully funded model.
  • At Anchor Insurance, we believe that a self-funded and insured model will over time produce a better priced, more flexible policy for the company and employee’s. Although, it may

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is an integral part of most employee benefits
packages. When provided by an employer, employees appreciate the value of life coverage and the additional security it provides to their families.

Employers have a wide variety of optional plan designs to customize a Group Life Insurance plan. Optional coverages include Voluntary Life insurance, Supplemental Life coverage, Accidental Death and
Dismemberment policies, and Dependent Life insurance. The premium paid for Group Life Insurance is generally a business deduction, and this stand-alone contract is usually less expensive than the life coverage provided with medical / health insurance.

Group Disability Insurance

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

In the event that an accident or illness prevents an
employee from working for an extended period of time, the financial
impact can be severe for the employee and employers. Long Term
Disability (LTD) insurance is designed to help cover the employee’s
expenses while their regular income is interrupted. Flexible plan design options and benefit alternatives are available to meet specific needs.This valuable protection is available with low-cost, tax-deductible premiums.

Short-Term Disability (STD)

A steady income is essential for most people. If an accident or
illness interrupts that income, it affects both the employee and
employer. Short Term Disability (STD) insurance is designed to replace a portion of the wages lost when a short term disability occurs. An affordable, flexible short-term insurance plan can provide needed benefits to both the employer and employee.

Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance is one of the benefits most requested by
employees. Many employers provide dental insurance for their employees,but a growing number of employers are offering this as a voluntary benefit that is paid 100% by the employee through payroll deductions.
Most dental plans provide full coverage with a 100% benefit for
preventive exams & cleanings, an 80% benefit for basic services such as fillings and root canals, and 50% benefit for major services and prosthodontics such as dentures, crowns, etc.

Some dental insurance companies provide a dental buy-up plan which
allows the employer to purchase a base plan, while employees purchase additional benefits as needed. Another newer option for dental insurance is a dual option plan that allows each employee to choose a basic plan or a more comprehensive plan based on his needs. This is a voluntary benefit, which means that each employee gets the coverage he needs for himself and his family.

Group Vision Insurance

A Group Vision Insurance plan is especially attractive for employers
because it is inexpensive to offer, yet it’s another employee favorite.This is a separate plan that provides coverage for eye exams and/or for frames, lenses and contact lenses.

Many times the basic health insurance plan may provide for routine
eye examinations; however, it will usually not provide any benefit for frames, lenses or contact lenses; this is where a separate group vision benefit would be used.

Group Long Term Care

Did you know …

Research shows that about 70% of people age 65 or older will need
long term care services at some point in their lifetime.1 This is one of the reasons why long term care insurance has become a frequently requested employee benefit.

Group Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is a comprehensive program

Showcasing your organization as a forward-thinking employer, group
LTCI can enhance your ability to:

  • Retain and attract valuable employees with a contemporary LTCI benefit program
  • Improve productivity and minimize absenteeism for employees as caregivers
  • Receive potential tax advantages

When offered as part of your benefits package, LTCI provides
employees with a way to help:

  • Protect their savings and assets
  • Protect their family and friends from the burden of caregiving
  • Protect their ability to choose where care is received

At Anchor Insurance Agencies, we are committed to helping you and
your employees.

Learn More

If you are an employer seeking to make a positive difference in the
way employees plan ahead for their future, please call us toll-free
today at 402.443.1049.

  • Voluntary (employee-paid) benefits allow businesses to offer
    insurance coverage to their employees at lower, group rates. In a
    competitive marketplace, such benefits can help businesses attract and
    retain employees, without affecting the company’s bottom line.
  • Anchor Insurance Agencies offers a variety of voluntary benefits.
    And as we grow our product portfolio, we are asking customers what
    they want from an insurance company, so we can create the kinds of
    coverage that employees really value.

Explore our voluntary benefits offering:

  • Voluntary Disability
  • Voluntary Dental
  • Voluntary Critical Illness
  • Voluntary Life

Smart HR

From recruitment to retirement, Smart-HR can handle all phases of
workforce management in ONE cloud-based system. Anchor Insurance has
partnered with Smart-Fill Employer Resources, Inc. to offer your
clients a new way to manage their employees.

Suite Highlights
  • Fully Web-based/24-7 access
  • Works on Virtually any Web Browser
  • No Upgrades or Software Updates Needed
  • Applications Utilized Individually or as a Suite
  • Easy Implementation & Deployment
  • Secure/Built on the Latest Technologies
  • Single Database Architecture

How it works

Smart-HR is built in a tri-modular system. You can choose one or
two modules or combine all three for your most powerful workforce





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